Work history

Companies I’ve written code for:
(Bold is full-time)

Ultimately, making great web products is what I care about. Whether that happens in a full-time role, or during a one-off contract, building great things that work, last, and delight users is what matters.

Web applications are my specialty.
I can do anything needed to take a web app from idea to reality:
  • Design a greenfield application from scratch
  • Implement a handed-off design to pixel perfection
  • Maintain, diagnose, and fix existing codebases
  • Nurture and mentor talent to grow a technology department
Hire me as a full-time developer, technical lead, or to build your project from scratch.
Frontend skills
  • Anything with HTML, CSS, and Javascript is my domain
  • Specialized with anything in React-world;
    • Redux, jest, webpack, most major libraries
    • Comfortable in any framework
  • Typescript, of course
  • Great with designers, maintaining component libraries, etc.
    • All work focused on testing and quality assurance
    • No substitute for hallway usability testing!
Backend skills
  • Great at general devops tasks; build tools, standing up servers, designing databases and writing/maintaining APIs, going through logs to diagnose infrastructure issues
    • Anything a full-stack or senior dev can do
  • Experience with Node.js, Java, C#/.NET, and some Python
  • Some Kubernetes deployments and modern Cloud experience;
    • Have worked a bit with AWS and Azure; always looking to learn more and grow in this domain
Project management skills
  • I can do anything a seasoned technical product manager can do.
    • Great at writing documents, tech specs, architecture plans
    • I'm diligent at translating every project detail into a tracked technical issue, from idea to maintenance
  • Intrinsically motivated to help, mentoring and train other people, especially designers and other devs
  • Everyone is a human. Try to be understanding, so you can bring out the best in people!
If any of the above sounds like someone you'd like to work
with, send me an email and let's chat!